CURRENTLY IN Harrisonburg, VA
EDUCATION James Madison University '15
STUDIED Media Arts & Design

Photography was my first artistic love. I spent hours in the woods shooting thousands of photos, enlivened by the feeling of connection with my surroundings and the ability to frame them into works of art that would serve as vehicles for my perspective.

As I've learned to use other mediums and integrated them into my endeavors and workplaces, I am still captivated by the power art has to communicate who we are and how we see the world. Design is everywhere, and it is vitally important to the articulation of things like proprietary ideas, small business branding, bodies of musical work, and public information. I consider it an honor to collaboratively create beautiful and clear design alongside people who hope to share something with others, in whatever form that may be.

Currently you'll find me working as a graphic designer at a trade show display company in Harrisonburg, VA in addition to serving design clients on a regular basis both locally and remotely. I love living in this beautiful, vibrant city with my husband Taylor and our sweet/crazy puppy Sage. Now that's enough about me!  I'd love to meet and talk design (or just life) over a brewed beverage of some sort sometime.