This brutal light makes you look
so beautiful.
Your features
are more pronounced than I thought
and more tangible.
In this merciless sunshine
I can see that you are detailed
with wrinkles, pores, and blemishes — 
with sparkling surfaces and a spectrum of color.
You end at my feet
and you go on
farther than the eye can see.

Nothing is hidden
in the harsh

Everything is visible,
and everything invisible
is loud.

In this star-brightness,
my eyes 
tell the truth— 
they whisper that
are not real,
and I believe them
and I believe that
you are.

If I Do Not Know

If I do not know
Who to thank for the sunset,
          I will thank the sky
And I will thank my eyes
And just be glad to stand, alive
Feeling gratitude
Toward something
Miles high and miles wide.

Dust & Twine

Hidden letters--
Bundled in twine
Tied twice
Layered deep in dust

Fingers hold spades
And stab the ground

Now untying

What is your hope?
To demystify
Something like the universe
Beneath dust and twine?